Ellen McGuire Hassler

I.R.I.S., I.A.D.A.


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Ellen McGuire Hassler, owner of Rooms With a View, has rearranged, transformed, and staged interiors of more than 100 homes, commercial properties, and resale homes by using existing furnishings, art, and some additional accessories. Ellen has worked in many different types of spaces and always places emphasis on the client's needs and their design requests.


Ellen received her professional credentials as an interior re-designer and real estate stager with I.R.I.S. and I.A.D.A. Ellen credits her love of color, design, and placement to her mother who was an artist and her sister who is also an interior designer. It seems to run in the family. She earned a secondary education degree from NAU and has worked at the San Diego Art Museum.


Ellen's philosophy regarding real estate staging is that the process should be about arranging a home to create an environment that is inviting, encouraging buyers to linger and focus on the home, not the contents.


Ellens biggest thrill is to see the happy faces of clients as they look at their newly redesigned home for the first time.





      Most rooms need three heights of furniture.


      Pay attention to the artwork.


      Group small collections of objects on a tray.


      Hang a mirror where it will reflect a beautiful view.


      Pull furniture into the room and off the walls.


      Odd numbers of items work better when clustered.