Steve Atwood was a man who loved challenges. He took on the two biggest challenges of his life--love and white-water rafting--and won both. I never knew a man who loved his family more.You see, Steve was not only my best friend, I was both his executor and his life insurance man. Steve discussed his life with me on many, many occasions. However, when discussing his life insurance, he wasn't really interested in whether it was whole-life or endowment. Nor the rate of return--Steve just wanted to know that his family was protected--that Nanci & Sarah could continue living in their own world.


            Since I am Steve's life insurance man, a lot of people have asked me, "Will Nanci be okay?" The answer is yes.Steve loved his family and protected them. He was a wonderful father, husband and protector. 


            Regarding Steve's desire for white-water rafting, he loved it and needed it. He always said if he died he wanted to do it while white-water rafting--when Nanci & Sarah were not with him.


Well, he died doing something he loved! We will never forget Steve Atwood! A week before Steve's accident, Time magazine had on its front page, “Why Men Take Risks.” The article concluded there's a certain gene in some men's bodies that force them to take risks. Steve had that gene! Then, the next issue of People magazine after Steve's accident, the front page said "Starting Over--Young Widows Cope." Nanci is a young widow with her whole life ahead of her. We all need to continue showering Nanci with love and friendship. 


            Finally, we should remember what Mark Thomas wrote to Nanci: "We should not ask why Steve died. We should ask why he lived.We should all be thankful that we were privileged to know Steve for the period of time we did know him." 


            So, my friend Steve Atwood, I do’t consider you gone, you've just been elevated to a higher place. We will meet again, I'm sure! And I'm sure I will hear that old familiar laugh once again!


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