A Message From Nanci

Dear Friends,

Sarah and I are so blessed by the love and prayers from all of you.  We could not have made it without your kindness.  Steve will always remain in our hearts and souls as the Best husband, father and friend.

Each hour and each day is a struggle, but we do believe this is all in God's Plan.  We are so grateful to have had his love, guidance, wisdom, humor, friendship and integrity.  We hold on to our memories, and in his honor will continue along life's path, healing a bit each day.

I pray for all of us who miss him so, and especially for Jack Calabrese, my dear Jack, for his heroic deeds, that he too may find comfort in knowing just how much we all love and appreciate him.

Sarah and I cannot grieve for Steve's shortened life... nor for the way he died.  Instead we are truly grateful for his amazing, full life, AND the amazing way he was taken... enjoying a beautiful day, with his dearest friend, on a favorite river!

I thank all of you for your visits, phone calls and cards... please keep them coming!  I hope this website will be a wonderful exchange for us all, to keep Steve's memory alive with pictures, stories and love.  He would be honored.

Email:  Nanci Atwood