Dear Nanci and Sarah,


I am stunned and very saddened by Steve's passing.As you know, I consider him to be one of my very closest friends--and I say this in the present tense because I do believe that the body and soul are separate and that the soul is immortal.Steve's life is changed now, like ours will be, too.


Over the years, with all the time we've spent working, golfing, and drinking beer, Steve and I have solved the car business, all sports, politics and life in general!It took years, for Steve to convince me, but we planned to float the Colorado next summer.


Our thoughts during the next days, weeks, and months will bring us much sorrow and grief.I share this sorrow and grief with you.When we are faced with the temporal loss while we are here on earth, we ask why.Why did this have to happen?Why?Unfortunately, these are questions we can't answer and donít understand.And thus, I believe, they are the wrong questions for us to ask.


The right question is, "Why did he live?"When we meditate on this question, the answers come to us -- and these answers communicate to us the real beauty and love of God's creation.The answers to this question bring to the forefront all of the good that Steve brought to his life -- to his family, to his friends, and his community.


God bless Steve, each of you, and all of Steve's family and friends.